PCoIP Hardware Accelerator APEX2800


Optimize VDI for cost and performance

Experience smooth, stable video playback and maximum VM performance with the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator APEX2800. By optimizing the use of CPU resources, the card enhances the user experience in VMware Horizon View environments and saves server costs. The card dynamically offloads the most active displays, increasing the frames per second delivered per CPU cycle by 49% – increasing server consolidation ratios by up to 2xs. And, when coupled with a GPU, the card efficiently encodes the extra pixels generated by the GPU, ensuring the benefits of the local GPU are carried over to the endpoint.

Greater Consolidation Ratio
The more virtual desktops running on a host, the lower the cost per user. System managers can take advantage of extra CPU headroom and reduction on CPU overhead to improve consolidation ratios by up to 2 times; reducing the need to overprovision systems.

Consistent User Experience
PCoIP Hardware Accelerator allows for a dramatically better application experience for your desktop users; while maximizing the consolidation ratio. By dynamically allocating resources, the card reduces peaks in CPU utilization and creates virtual CPU ‘headroom’, allowing CPU intensive applications to run smoothly, avoiding cases where the CPU would otherwise starve.

Support and Maintenance
Teradici’s Product Support and Maintenance offering provides customers with defined service levels and 24×7 support for high-severity issues. Help protect your business against business disruption by inquiring about our support plans with IOdis.



Case Study: Omgevingsdienst-Zuidoost-Brabant-UK  PDF_Linkje          |          White Paper: Quantifying APEX 2800 with Login-VSI  PDF_Linkje