50 to 300 virtual desktops on one VDI-Appliance with a 2 to 8 times better performance than traditional desktops. SAN storage is not required. Need more virtual desktops? Simply add a VDI-Appliance.


IO is the single most important bottleneck of the traditional VDI architecture. Lots of central disk storage is required to realize acceptable IO performance. SAN storage is expensive, takes up space in your data center and consumes a lot of energy. VDI-Appliance from IOdis offers excellent IO performance thanks to its fast NAND flash technology that replaces disk storage. One VDI-Appliance easily accommodates up to 300 virtual desktops that are 2 to 8 times faster than traditional desktops. Additional VDI-Appliances can easily be added to accommodate more desktops. Simple management, scalability and the absence of SAN reduces cost of ownership up to 80% compared to traditional VDI solutions. VDI-Appliance combines very well with your existing infrastructure.