Fusion-io Recommended Upgrade for ioDrive2

Fusion-io has completed its latest release of VSL 3.2.6. We recommend upgrading all ioDrive2 products to this latest VSL release, which can be found on our Support Site at support.fusionio.com.  VSL 3.2.6 delivers improvements in error handling and in performance through the implementation of virtual controllers, as well as reduced rescan times and latency in sustained write workloads.

The upgrade to VSL 3.2.6 is not disruptive to VSL 3.x installations.
 The upgrade requires a simple install and re-boot.  VSL 3.2.6 requires our latest firmware, so the upgrade may be a two-step process for some customers.

Please note that Fusion-io is not recommending any upgrades to 3.2.6 in servers with original generation ioDrives or where a mix of original ioDrives and new ioDrive2s exist in the same server, until further testing is completed.


For future planning in the event you need to plan qualification of VSL in your environment, Fusion-io plans to release our next version of VSL 3.x in late-January 2013.  We expect that the next version of VSL 3.x will be fully tested and will recommend that all customers upgrade to the next release of VSL 3.x, including customers with original generation ioDrives, or mixed ioDrive2 and original generation ioDrives environments.

As always, the Fusion-io Customer Support team is here to help with any questions or issues.  Customer Support contact details are listed at support.fusionio.com.