IOdis is a value-added distributor of high quality IO-products. As distributor of innovative flash-storage products and VDI-solutions, we are able to succesfully launch new and relevant technologies.


We use our knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to challenge resellers (and indirectly, end-users) to use new ánd existing technologies in a way that creates new solutions and applications. We do not focus on the technological possibilities per se, but rather on the applicability of it.


Our Mission
New businessmodels in a competitive market require more flexibilty and higher performance from the IT-environment. IOdis aims to meet these requirements using existing and innovate technologies. We are aiming at flexibel, innovative, challeging, self-starting resellers with focus, drive and curiosity and who are open to trying new technologies. Indirectly we are aiming at end-users that are open to trying new technologies and want to be challenged to be better and different.


Our Vision
The technologies are developping very fast. To be able to grow in the future, we have to think “out-of-the-box”. We are stepping outside of our comfortzone and we are constantly pushing our boundaries. By continiously screening the market, looking for promising, new technologies, we invent new possibilities for existing technologies, simply by looking at it differently. In the next five years we want to co-work with new resellers, to create more brand awareness and to increase our market share.