ioDrive2 Octal

Maximizing Performance for Large Datasets

The ioDrive Octal packs the highest IOPS in the industry, 6 GB/s of bandwidth and 10.2 TB of capacity into a single PCI Express device. This enables organizations to tackle previously unattainable workload challenges with a single server, eliminating the latency impact of accessing backing data stores.


Consistent Low Latency Performance
The ioMemory platform provides consistent low latency access for mixed workloads with 15-microsecond access latency, 6GB/s bandwidth, over 1.100,000 read IOPS and over 1.100,000 write IOPS. The sophisticated ioMemory architecture allows for nearly symmetrical read and write performance with best in class low queue depth performance.


Industry-leading Capacity
Get the maximum capacity in the smallest footprint to cache more process-critical data close to application CPUs – where it is needed most. The Fusion ioDrive2 Duo is available in 5.1 TB and 10.2 TB (MLC) capacities.