ioDrive2 Duo

The Best Performance Density… Doubled
Fusion ioDrive2 continues Fusion-io’s tradition of providing the enterprise with industry-leading performance and reliability. Combines VSL and ioMemory into an ioMemory platform that takes enterprise applications and databases to the next level.


The ioDrive2 Duo provides 2.4TB of capacity per x4 and x8 PCI Express slot of the highest capacity ioDrive2. This allows organisations to handle twice the transactions, queries, and requests; add capacity for future growth; ensure applications seamlessly handle larger traffic spikes; and consolidate more infrastructure.


Consistent Low Latency Performance
The ioMemory platform provides consistent low latency access for mixed workloads with 15-microsecond access latency, 3GB/s bandwidth, over 700,000 read IOPS and over 900,000 write IOPS. The sophisticated ioMemory architecture allows for nearly symmetrical read and write performance with best in class low queue depth performance, making the ioDrive2 and ioDrive2 Duo ideal across a wide variety of real world, high-performance enterprise environments.


Industry-leading Capacity
Get the maximum capacity in the smallest footprint to cache more process-critical data close to application CPUs – where it is needed most. The Fusion ioDrive2 Duo is available in 2.4 TB (MLC) and 1.2 TB (SLC) capacities.