Caching Acceleration


Transforms ioMemory into a powerful, easy-to-manage, intelligent cache to unleash the potential of virtualized systems.



Purpose-built performance for virtualized applications and databases.

Uses flash as a cache to satisfy I/O for virtualized applications in the server, eliminating the latency associated with traversing the network to satisfy I/O from NAS or SAN. Performance can be targeted on a per VM basis, per file, volume, or disk ensuring that performance is consistently delivered to virtualized applications that need it.



Transforms ioMemory into a transparent, auto-tiering acceleration cache to non-disruptively improve physical storage performance and efficiency.

directCache places cache software in the server to deliver lower cache latency. With directCache, Fusion-io customers can have Terabytes of cache acceleration at their fingertips to speed performance of any backing store. This add-on module for ioSphere integrates tightly with Fusion’s Virtual Storage Layer, a flash-optimized OS subsystem, to deliver immediate application workload performance improvements.