Martin Schilder

“It makes an enormous difference whether one manages 450 individual desktops or 4 central images in the heart of the network. Martin Schilder significantly improved their IT-management efficiency thanks to the IODis VDI-Appliance. The VDI-Appliance also creates a more stable environment with applications that start faster than before. Martin Schilder Groep’s business is mobility. The company sells, repairs, maintains, lets, leases and finances Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda cars and Volkswagen vans. Martin Schilder Groep is a family business that exists over 75 years and has developed to employ 600 people at present, scattered over 16 locations in the province of Noord-Holland.” - Erwin Zoet, manager ICT

Gemeente Vlaardingen

“He said, “Virtual desktops start three times faster than our physical machines. Applications like Outlook, which could take up to 30 seconds to load, now load in under 5 seconds. Employees can also access the same environment from home or at any desk in the office, which makes our users happy. The improved productivity makes the city council happy.”” - Jeroen van der Vlies, ICT Project Manager and IT Architect