New generation VDI-appliances…

IOdis introduces a new generation VDI-appliances, compact servers for up to 300 virtual desktops. The IO-X50 family fits a 1U or 2U slot, uses only 4W per desktop, while the flash memory eliminates the need for disk storage. All together a significant saving in datacenter costs.



The flash memory has an I/O capacity of 100,000 IOPS, the equivalent of 400 hard disks. This eliminates the major performance bottleneck for VDI-environments. High performance virtualisation of Windows 8 is no problem at all.


VD-Appliance servers can easily be stacked to form larger systems  to support up to 10,000 concurrent virtual desktops. The servers support Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View.
The IO-150, IO-250 and IO-350 have 12-32 cores, 160-512GB RAM and 1,6TB flash memory.


IOdis is distributor of and Fusion-io in The Netherlands. The company seeks to change the IT marketplace with cutting edge technology. IOdis is located in Utrecht en cooperates with specialised IT resellers and system integrators.